Classes & Seminars

JULY 21 – 23 – 2017

Classes/Seminars will be updated as faculty is confirmed!

We are pleased to be offering the following:

22 Classes

Feet Legs & Inner Balance – Paula Morgan

Body Placement – Paula Morgan

Commercial Hip Hop – Chantal Robson

Beat to My Drum – Chantal Robson


Choreography Concept Idea’sTOKYO

Training Leotard For BalletAlisha Captain

Innovative Conditioning For Classical DancersAlisha Captain

Hip Hop for ages 3-12 Tricia Gomez

Students with Special Needs Tricia Gomez

Fundamentals of Warming Up! – Emily Einsmann

“History of Jazz”Emily Einsmann

Technique for Dancers Lower BodySarah Dolan

Acro Fundamental Technique – Mandy Yip

AcroDance For Recreational Teens – Melissa Klassen

Turning Class – Kimberly Kay

Jazz Technique – Kimberly Kay

TapPaul Gordon

24 Seminars

Mr. Foley – Competition: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

Mr. Foley – Today’s World of Teaching

Mr. Foley – Is What You Need, What You Want?

Misty Lown – Marketing that Matters

Misty Lown – Financial Savvy for Studio Owners

Misty Lown – Enrollment Energizers for 2017/2018

Kimberly Kay – More Bling for your Buck!

Suzanne Blake Gerety – Dance studio parent relations and customer service techniques

Suzanne Blake Gerety – Build your online and offline reputation to grow your studio

Suzanne Blake Gerety – Studio email marketing made easy

Dance Educators InternationalThe Arts – Shakin Bad Habits – Retraining your students

Dance Educators International – The Business – The Next Steps – How To Build Your Career 5 Years +

Dance Educators International – The Science – Developing Strong Dancers – Conditioning for Dancers

Dance Educators International – 5 Ways to Freshen up your studio!

TOKYO – “What Makes You Stand Apart”

Kim HaleSocial Media Marketing

Kim HaleDefining Your Brand

Kim HaleGuiding Dancers to a Professional Career

STAGE BYDANILEA – How to Perfect Your Team Makeup Look

Cheryl Bischop –  5 Vital Steps to Maximizing Growth, Sales & Profit!

Cheryl Bischop –  5 Vital Steps to Maximizing Growth, Sales & Profit!

International Dance Acclaim –  Preschool Dance Goals, Ideas, Outcomes 

International Dance Acclaim – Interdisciplinary Approach to Conditioning for Dancers

International Dance Acclaim – Training Exercises – The Secret to Success

2 Keynote Speakers

Suzanne Blake Gerety – (

“Keep your passion for dance alive throughout your career”

Mr. Foley – (ADAPT)

Teaching Dance: Your Job, Your Passion, Your Success!

A full list of classes will be updated soon, once final faculty is confirmed!