Classes & Seminars


JULY 27 – 29 – 2018

Classes/Seminars will be updated as faculty is confirmed!

We are pleased to be offering the following:

22 Classes


Choreography Concept Idea’sTOKYO

Making Transitions Work – Liz Imperio

Jazz: The Powerhouse of Dance – Liz Imperio

Dancing with Intention  – Stephanie Graham

Auditions 101 & Musical Theatre – Stephanie Graham

What is Twinkle Star Dance?  – Tiffany Henderson

LyricalSarah Dolan

Warm Up/Conditioning & Cool DownSarah Dolan

Managing multiple Acro levels in one class – Heather Lawrence-Thomas


“DANCE LIKE EVERYONE’S WATCHING!” – Jazz Progressions – Jay T Schramek

“TAP DANCERS KEEP TIME, OTHER’S WASTE IT” – Tap Technique Classes – Jay T Schramek

How to combine Acro and Dance: Across the Floor AcroDance Progressions – Melissa Klassen

Jazz –  Jazz Technique and Building a Strong Foundation – Kerry Gage

Lyrical – Ballet/ Jazz Foundations Required for Lyrical Dance – Kerry Gage

Tap Choreography – Paul Gordon

Engaging the Creative Dancer – Improvisation Technique – Kylie Thompson

What goes up…. Floorwork Technique – Kylie Thompson

24 Seminars

Jill Tirone – 5 Steps to a Better Dance Studio Website

Jill Tirone – Invigorate Your Dance Studio’s Social Media Marketing

Jill Tirone – Email Marketing Made Easy

Stephanie Graham – How can pilates and core training help dancers?

Stephanie Graham – Who teaches what? An information seminar on post-secondary arts institutions in Canada.

Tiffany Henderson – The Importance of your Preschool Dance Program

Tiffany Henderson – Creating the Super Teacher

Tiffany Henderson**Studio Owner Only** – TBA

Jay T Schramek –  THE NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES” – By The Numbers: 

Jay T Schramek –  “GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT” – Strategies for dealing with Students, Parents & Competitors

Jay T Schramek – “GOOD ARTISTS COPY, GREAT ARTISTS STEAL!” – Creative Ownership

Kerry Gage – How to Create Choreography

Kerry Gage – Class Repertoire

Kerry Gage – Over-training Versus A Healthy Balanced Dance Body

Irene Widdup – Foundational Beginnings for Pre-schoolers- 18months -5yrs

Irene WiddupUsing Themes & Props to Teach Technique – Pre School – Pre Junior – 18 Months – 5 Years

Healthy Dancers –  What is Supplemental Training and do dancers need it?

Healthy Dancers – Stretching Practices for Dancers

 Taylor Hiller – Beyond the Stage: Performance ideas beyond recital and competition 

Taylor Hiller – Recital Themes: Brand your recital and transform your show!

Kylie Thompson – “Fostering an Appreciation for the Arts”

TOKYO – What makes You Stand Apart?

Paul Gordon – Studio Operations, and Etiquette


2 Keynote Speakers

1. Liz Imperio
Topic: Studio Burnout

2. Tiffany Henderson

A full list of classes will be updated soon, once final faculty is confirmed!