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Kotarou Tennouji; Kagari; Kotori Kanbe; Shizuru Nakatsu; Akane Senri; Lucia Konohana; Sakuya Ohtori; Chihaya Ohtori. All items (48). #; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H . Aurora: Another ability that Kotarou has after rewriting his body is a power he As with a number of other characters in Rewrite, Tennouji is also the name of a.


Kotori Kanbe (神戸 小鳥, Kanbe Kotori) is one of the heroines of Rewrite and the female lead in the first part of the game. She is a student at Kazamatsuri. Kotori saves Kotarou when he is wounded by Kagari by infusing.


Akane Senri (千里 朱音, Senri Akane) is one of the heroines in Rewrite and Harvest Festa! Kotarou meets her when he's investigating the Occult Club. Despite. Akane's Route is one of the heroine routes in Rewrite, branching off of the common route. It focuses on the character of Akane Senri, her relationship to Kotarou, her connections to Gaia, and the nature of being the Holy Woman. You can help Rewrite Wiki by expanding it.


Gaia (ガイア, Gaia) is a religious organization that worships the planet, and particularly, the Key. The organization has been around for millennia and is led by an. Guardian (ガーディアン, Gādian) is a secret organization comprised of both superhumans and normal people created to oppose Gaia, the enemy organization.


Slowly they both begin to see each other in a more romantic view. At some point in her route, she reveals her past to Kotarou who sympathizes with her, and. Rewrite is a full-fledged harem but it gives more importance to the mystery than to the same romance but of course the romance is more than present, each.


Kotarou Tennouji (天王寺 瑚太朗, Tennouji Kotarou) is the main protagonist of Rewrite and Harvest Festa!. He was originally a normal high-school student who . Kotarou takes care of Kagari and develops feelings to her. Although Kotarou. 2019. how can you write a book report