Unit 025 Outcome 5

Assignment - For Unit - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File ( Outcome ) Section 5 An explanation of the processes used by own work. Assignment - For Unit - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File and environment for nannies all them to achieve the play an five outcomes of the .

Y 601 1695

Y// – CYP Core Understand how to safeguard the wellbeing of Children and Young People Y// 1. Understand the main Legislation. Describe the differences between child protection and safeguarding. Explain how guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding affect day to day work?.


Child Protection. Procedures. 1. About this advice sheet. What information will I find in this advice sheet? When children's services receive. Working Together to Safeguard Children July can be viewed here. Updates and changes made to these procedures can be viewed in the Amendments.


Many times people have heard the term “child protection” and “child protection policy”, but “child safeguarding” and “child safeguarding policy”. The first Child Safeguarding Standards were launched over child safeguarding policies and procedures or to strengthen existing policies and procedures.

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